5-minute Sales Leadership Round-up with Jen Holtvluwer @ Cherwell Software

After 6 many years, +300 consumer involvements, and conference sales that are countless marketing leaders in my travels, I’ve seen the GREAT, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to sales and marketing initiatives and leadership.  Leaders have been asking me for tactical soundbites from the strong leaders I’ve met that are inspiring, change agents, and all-around great people to work with.

Based on that popular requests, I welcome you to follow my series that is new of and video clip interviews devoted for senior product sales and advertising and marketing professionals.  Here is the to begin the show.

5-minute Sales Leadership Round-up with Jen Holtvluwer @ Cherwell Software

Jen Holtvluwer
Head of Marketing and in product sales, the united states
Cherwell Software

I very first came across Jen in early 2017 while launching a selling that is social workshop with the Cherwell team.  Over the last 18 months, we’ve been impressed at how she’s deployed social selling training that is certification exactly how efficient this woman is at pushing for modification.  She’s a real believer of a “learning-first” culture and extremely powerful at operating responsibility for skill-to-results transfer.

right here is a quick 5-minute movie meeting to fully capture several nuggets of silver for your management development:

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