Augmented Reality App May Help Patients with Parkinson’s

Augmented Reality App May Help Patients with Parkinson’s

News Release: It’s appropriate that during Parkinson’s Awareness period, a group of Rice University seniors will show just how reality that is augmented assist customers utilizing the illness.

That’s the announcement that is official with MMW this few days, even as we discovered that six Rice manufacturing pupils have actually created an iPhone application to greatly help customers conquer an indication referred to as “freezing,” in which the feet briefly will not stick to the brain’s demand to carry and progress.

For several customers, scientists have discovered that artistic, sound or cues that are vibratory help them overcome freezing. The Rice app may be the most elegant and way that is comprehensive day to supply those cues, in accordance with the pupils.

The application takes advantageous asset of brand-new development resources that enable when it comes to incorporation of enhanced truth. The user can point the phone at the floor or sidewalk and trigger it to place the image of a block, circle or other object where his or her foot should land in this case. That cue that is visual frequently adequate to allow customers to begin their particular gait.

According to a supplied launch, the application can also provide sound or physical cues through the sound that is phone’s vibration capabilities. It should be adaptable to Android phones as well, according to the learning pupils.

“that is for customers whom, inside their lives that are day-to-day experience freezing episodes,” said team user Gaby Perez. “There are a few products available on the market to assist them to, but none of all of them include all three sorts of cues.”