Goodbye and hello: 3 skills B2B marketers no longer need and 3 skills to work on

Hello creativity

To remain appropriate in a world that is post-multitasking realise that your value isn’t measured in the number of individual tasks you can check off over the course of a day. It’s the amount of yourself you can put into your work that matters.

“From what I’m seeing, the repeatable, simple tasks are tending to become automated,” says my colleague Chris O’Neal, Workfront product evangelist, speaking from our US headquarters. “If that’s removed from a knowledge worker’s position, then what remains is the creative problem solving, the creative solutioning, and the whole creative thought process, which means that jobs are shifting in a more fulfilling direction.”

According to our latest stats, just 44% of the average worker’s that is white-collar is invested carrying out the main tasks of the work, making a lot of area for enhancement. We can reclaim for more creative, engaging, and ultimately fulfilling work.

It’s if we can let go of even more mindless tasks, we’ve got at least four hours a day going to be an adjustment, though. McKinsey reports that while “capabilities such as creativity and sensing emotions are core to the experience that is human” which is the reason why they’re difficult to automate, “the length of time that employees expend on tasks needing these abilities is apparently amazingly low.”

How reduced? The research suggests that only 4% of work tasks need imagination “at a medium level that is human of,” a figure that’s almost certainly higher for marketers. Still, the more we exercise our creative abilities now, the more we’ll that is prepared to utilize all of them in an automated future.