Kudos (Maybe) To Calgary Police For Handing Out Recreation Passes For Kids' Good Behaviour Rather than Sugar (Like Here In Ontario)

So here’s the storyline.

Recently we saw a tweet showcasing a unique Calgary great Ticket promotion wherein Angie Thiessen’s child obtained a coupon redeemable free-of-charge use of a Calgary recreation center because she had been "caught" learning how to drive a bike helmet to her bicycle.

When the @CalgaryPolice pull over and write a ticket while you‘re taking the kids for a bike ride. 😁 Such a idea that is great Liv had been delighted! And it also had the neighbors phoning… #yyc pic.twitter.com/ECQSIRl2yf

— Angie Thiessen (@angie_thiessen) April 26, 2018

Fantastic, correct? Listed here is an extended piece talking about the scheduled system.

But I quickly saw this tale about Calgary’s good ticketing system having given out 2,350 coupons redeemable for a Macs dairy hot chocolate or Frosty during the period of yesteryear 18 months.

So Then kudos to Calgary.

Here’s hoping!
( if the program’s changed (and zero doubt that it should) from targeting kids with free advertising and emotional brand washing for sugar sweetened beverages,**)