Time Is Your Friend or Your Foe

Time Is Your Friend or Your Foeonce you work with product sales, time feels such as your adversary. The target that you will be working toward is timed. Occasionally you’ve got a quarter that is full reach a goal, and other times you have a year. The countdown that is slow at the start of the time scale, when it comes to an end, a brand new countdown starts.

The time clock is persistent. It methodically ticks from the moments, mins, and hours. The moments rapidly develop into minutes, the minutes swiftly develop into hours, and it, the time has disappeared before your very eyes before you know.  A minute of doing nothing will have little to no impact on your results that are overall. Wasting thirty minutes won’t do damage that is much. You might be able to waste an half that is entire day with no unfavorable repercussions or effects. This 1 isn’t going to cause you to miss your goals.( day***) read more