Augmented Reality Marketing: Moving From Gimmick to Strategy by @jes_scholz

Augmented truth (AR), most readily useful described as a real time mixing of digital items into real-world configurations, is no longer science fiction.

Now accessible by most smartphone digital cameras, AR makes the relocate to the popular.

And companies took notice.

Deloitte identified that practically 90 percent of businesses with yearly incomes of $100 million to $1 billion are now actually AR that is leveraging VR technology. A poll conducted by Purch revealed that 10 percent of marketers utilize AR, and 72 percent are planning to in the coming year. read more

Finding Content Gaps: Moving Buyers Through the Funnel

Note: the post that is following a summary of this presentation provided at Digital development Unleashed 2018. 

It’s no i’m that is secret about the customer experience and content. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said it or written about it (hint: It’s a complete lot). it is maybe not it’s just there’s something so interesting about the role content plays in getting people to make a purchase.( that I don’t love all aspects of digital marketing,******)

once we break it straight down, no matter what we have been purchasing, we have been counting on some element that is content as a marketer, that is interesting! it is additionally a bit scary: read more